WHERE TO BEGIN? or Starting up A New Team

The head of a start-up nonprofit organization wanted to do some teambuilding with his small leadership team. They worked together in a tiny space and needed to be able to get along together.

I administered the MBTI®, met with each person individually, and then we gathered for the teambuilding workshop. The MBTI® provided each member with a framework for learning about themselves and each other. Team members met and had discussions with each other in dyads, triads and with the full group present. They explored their similarities and differences and learned where they were likely to clash with one another and how they would now deal with it.

Although this was a “new” team, the group had already spent 8 weeks working together and some resentments had already started building. The strongest of these was that the leader (an Intuitor who was always seeing new possibilities) would excitedly attend community meetings and commit to new projects without thinking through the details of what it would entail and who would do it. His team members, most of them Sensors (detail-oriented) were already putting in many hours just to get their current work done. They felt overwhelmed, unappreciated, over-worked and unimportant. Why did he have to make on-the-spot commitments that impacted them without getting their input?

The Leader realized it wasn’t necessary to make on-the-spot decisions whenever an opportunities arose – he could declare his interest with the caveat that he would come back shortly once he was clear on whether and how he could make it work. His team was delighted!